Say hello to my very fluffy cat: Agnes. If you are interested in cats you might ask Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat” and the answer is nope … however, there is more to say about this. First, take a look at her sister … yes, they are sisters and they are from the same litter, here is a photo of Agnes at the same age. They have somewhat similar coloring, but the similarities stops there.

Immediately when we got them we started to question that they had the same father, as we were told. The mother have the some coloring as Agnes but slightly darker, but what about the father … I was told that he is a short hair cat with standard” coloring. While we were a bit suspicious and said that it was possible that Agnes had a different father (she was the only one in the litter that had this kind of fur), we didn’t think much about it.

However, a week or two ago I happened to come across a photo of a Norwegian Forest Cat and it looks very, very similar to Agnes. It’s only the coloring that differs otherwise it’s a 100% match, although Agnes is a smaller cat (the mother is a very small cat). I think it’s safe to say that Agnes and Tove have different fathers, and that Agnes father is, with 99% certainty, a Norwegian Forest Cat.

August 7, 2021 agnes cats

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